About Us

We’re here to promote the value of volunteers and volunteering in the Borough of Greenwich, and ensure equality of access to volunteering for all people.

We believe that there are four principles that are fundamental to volunteering:

Choice: Each individual must be allowed to freely choose to volunteer or not. Encouragement to be involved in volunteering should not take the form of coercion or compulsion.

Diversity: Volunteering should be available to everyone and in all aspects should encourage diversity and inclusiveness. Everyone in society can overcome social exclusion barriers through gaining skills, experience confidence and contacts made whilst helping others.

Mutual benefit: Volunteers offer their contribution free of financial gain, but should benefit in other ways in return for their contribution – through out of pocket expenses, induction, training, skills and experience, preparation for paid employment or entry into further education, social contact, fun and the opportunity to have input into decision making processes and local or national policy and practice.

Recognition: Valuing the contribution that volunteers give to the agency, to the community, the social economy and to wider social objectives is fundamental.

What do we do and how do we do it?

What is volunteering?

If you need any further information please Contact Us on 020 8317 3817 or email info@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk