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We offer a range of accredited, non accredited and bespoke training
Our expertise is in delivering a wide range of training for both staff and volunteers.
Our team are Level 3 qualified trainers, NCFE qualified assessors
and Internal Quality Verifiers.


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We provide accredited and non-accredited training covering a range of subjects.

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To find out more about the range training we provide or to register your interest please submit one of the forms below or submit an enquiry using the Contact Us page.


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  • Recognising Behaviour
  • Dealing with put-downs
  • Saying ‘no’
  • Making changes
  • Goal setting
  • Giving and Receiving Complements
  • Interview Skills
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Stress Busters

One day workshops are £25.00 each

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  • Level 1 Employability Skills
  • Level 1 Interpersonal Skills
  • Level 2 Customer Service
  • Level 2 Certificate in Volunteering
  • Level 2 Mentoring
  • Level 2 Business Administration
  • Level 3 Advice and Guidance

Please contact Stephanie on 020 8317 3817 for costings on accredited training

or submit the form below

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