Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering also called “employee volunteering” is a really simple and effective way for businesses to contribute to the community. … Volunteer Centre Greenwich organises fun, practical, challenging employee volunteering days. This enables staff to make a difference in as little as an afternoon, and has incredible potential for community impact. Employee volunteering enables a valuable interchange of ideas, skills and knowledge, and helps form important and mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to the building of a more cohesive society.  Employers are also finding that employee volunteering delivers real, bottom-line benefits. It helps to reduce employee turnover, recruitment and training costs but increases employee motivation and productivity.

Another day at the office

A day off from the working week feels good; a day off helping to make a difference feels even better. Projects in your locality that would benefit from an extra pair of hands. From painting a playground to clearing a riverbank, the work of volunteers improves lives and strengthens communities. So next time you travel to work think about how good you’d feel if you passed something you’d given your time to.

Team & Culture building

Employee volunteering brings employees from different teams together; exposing them to different perspectives and helping them get to know people they don’t usually work with. This can help them understand the pressures in other parts of the business as well as build new links within the business.

How much does it Cost?

We can cater for small or large groups, and activities can be indoors or outdoors. We charge modest fees to organise team volunteering events. These fees cover the costs of sourcing a suitable opportunity, risk assessing the project, and providing experienced staff to supervise your team on the day. Prices currently start from £750 per team (for up to 10 people), with additional charges for larger teams and to cover the costs of materials as needed.

How Can I Get Started?

Volunteers Centre Greenwich can organise whole programmes of activity, or individual bespoke events, reducing the amount of time that an employer needs to spend planning and organising. They also have a good understanding of local community needs; to ensure that the time, money and energy put into the volunteering project is put to best use.  If you would like to get involved call us on 020 8317 3817 or e-mail