Learning and Work Ambassador Volunteers


What is the Learning and Work Ambassador programme?

The Learning and Work Ambassador programme helps local people access local opportunities.

Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to give their time each week to help others. They understand the challenges facing our community and can help clients find the right learning opportunity for them or can help them to register for pre or in-employment support.

Ambassadors know that life isn’t always easy and that sometimes people need additional social, medical or educational needs they will help the client access sources of additional support as is appropriate. Ambassadors understand these challenges and how to encourage people to take those first steps.

Ambassadors see people gain confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills, gain knowledge, start volunteering and gain employment as a result of accessing learning opportunities or pre/in-employment support. They see lives change!

Why is there a Learning and Work Ambassador programme?

The Royal Borough of Greenwich and Greenwich Local Labour and Business (GLLaB) have funding to provide a wealth of learning  opportunities and pre/in-employment support to local people, and especially those most disadvantaged in the borough, to access the support they need to be able to benefit from the new employment opportunities and transport links being created.

However, unless you are looking for these opportunities, you might not know what great things are available on your doorstep or may think that they are all for someone else and not for you! The Learning and Work Ambassador programme is here to make sure that local people know that these opportunities are for them and that they are within their grasp – all they have to do is reach out and access them just one step at a time.

Who are the Learning and Work Ambassadors?

Learning and Work Ambassadors are volunteers working with the Volunteer Centre Greenwich. They are everyday people just like you, who care passionately about their local communities and want to help people to make the most of the learning and employment opportunities around them.

Ambassadors have a great people skills and are good communicators. They also have good administrative skills and are trained to know how to help local people from across our diverse borough to access available opportunities.

Ambassadors are able to:

  • Volunteer for at least three hours a week
  • Undertake training for the role
  • Help People within their own local community and/or help at special events across the borough to promote learning and employment support
  • Provide regular progress reports
  • Attend regular meetings in order to keep up to date with project developments.

Ambassadors have  a vast array of experience from their personal and/or professional lives and some Ambassadors will have faced the barriers they are now helping to break down.

How can I volunteer to be a Learning and Work Ambassador?

If you would like to find out more about the Learning and Work Ambassador role you can download a role description and an application form here.

If you need more information before you apply, just email Jackie@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk or ring the office on 020 8317 3817. We’d be pleased to speak with you – it’s as important to us that you are sure that you can commit to the role before applying as it is to you!

My clients/service users would find it helpful to speak with an Ambassador, how can I arrange this?

That’s easy. Just get in touch with us at Jackie@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk or on 020 8317 3817. We can discuss with you how our services can work together. For example, would it be helpful to have Ambassador on site on a regular basis, or perhaps to attend ad hoc/special event. Alternatively, you might like to have a staff member trained as an Ambassador.

Can you help my staff and volunteers access local learning and pre/in-employment support?




Yes,  we can help with accessing local learning from accredited to non-accredited courses across the Royal Borough of Greenwich

Want to know more?

If you are interested in becoming a Learning and Work Ambassador download the role description and application form below:

Send your completed application form to jackie@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk