Recognition Award Ceremony

Membership –

To nominate your volunteers for the Recognition Scheme you need to be a registered member with Volunteer Centre Greenwich.

250 hrs Recognition Award Ceremony

Taking place on Thursday  6th June 2019

While most volunteers devote their time to nonprofit/ charity organisations because they’re passionate about a cause or interested in the organisation’s work, their dedication and motivation may wane if they don’t feel appreciated. when managing volunteers it’s important to create systems for recognizing your volunteers to show your thanks for their enthusiasm and hard work.

Need some inspiration? Why not sigh up to our Recognition 250 Award Scheme!

The Recognition 250 Award Scheme, is our way of recognising the hours and the contribution volunteers make to many different services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

We all know how much time and dedication volunteers give to our services and this award scheme is for volunteers long term commitment to organisations, projects and/or services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

As part of being a member with Volunteer Centre Greenwich you will be able to put your long standing volunteers forward to receive a recognition 250 award for volunteers who have achieved 250 hrs of volunteering or an award pack for volunteers who have achieved 100 hrs of volunteering

250 Award ceremony:

This award ceremony is an afternoon event where your nominated volunteers, who have been volunteering for 250 hrs or more can attend this special afternoon tea.  They will also take part in the award ceremony where they will be awarded a framed certificate, and recognition badge by the Mayor of Greenwich.

100 hrs Recognition Pack

This pack consists of a letter of thanks from the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, a certificate and pin badge from Volunteer Centre Greenwich and the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

A special little something that you can sign your volunteers up for.  It doesn’t require them to attend an event, it’s just a simple thank you from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the Mayor, your organisation and Volunteer Centre Greenwich.

Nominate your Volunteers:

Click here to nominate your volunteers for the recognition scheme: