Registering your Opportunities with Volunteer Centre Greenwich

VCG receives thousands of enquiries for volunteering opportunities each year.  People who are interested in volunteering can contact VCG either by telephone, by email, through our website or via the national volunteering website, Do-it.

Potential volunteers can:

Read about your volunteering opportunities on, managed by VCG.

Use VCG’s computers to look though our volunteering database and the Do-it website or by coming to one of our drop-in sessions.

Arrange a one-to-one appointment at multiple locations thoughout Greenwich, to discuss their volunteering needs and receive support in finding an opportunity

Receive support from one of VCG’s projects specialising in a particular area or type of volunteering

When your organisation registers your opportunities with us, the information you provide on your volunteer opportunities will be available to potential volunteers through all of these means.


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