Registering your Organisation / Project

Becoming a member of VCG is free of charge and entitles you to all of the benefits listed above, as well as access to a number of further  services at special rates.

VCG aims to make registering with us as simple and straightforward as possible.  We therefore ask you to complete a single, two page form, supplying us with your contact information and the nature of your organisation or project.  As part of your registration process, we will also ask you to confirm you are a charitable, community or public benefit focused organisation by supplying us with either:

  • Your charity number (if you are a charity)
  • Your CIC number (if you are a registered Community Interest Company)
  • Your constitution or governing document (if you have neither of the above)

VCG is also committed to signposting volunteers to safe and inclusive volunteering opportunities.  To help us do this, we ask all our members to have in place three policy statements.  There are:

  • Equal opportunities policy or statement of intent
  • Health and safety policy or statement of intent
  • Volunteering problem solving policy or procedures

As part of the registration process, we ask all new members to supply us with a copy of their policies.  VCG does, however recognise that not all organisations may have these in place and if this is the case, any new member of VCG has the option to adopt VCG’s policies for these three areas.  Copies of these policies are held in the appendix at the back of this information and guidance.

Versions of these documents are also available on request for organisations to adapt to their own needs.

Following receipt of your membership information, VCG will send you a welcome pack, confirming your membership.