Volunteer Case Studies – Rowans’ story

Using volunteering to change career:

From taps to tech

I had decided to change careers, from plumbing to IT, and soon found that almost all employers require you to have some ‘real world’ experience in a work environment. Volunteering made sense for me – it’s been a great way to gain experience and study at the same time, as well as gain professional references.

I hadn’t worked in an office before but am now IT Support for Volunteer Centre Greenwich. As my background is in plumbing and construction, it’s given me a chance to see if working in such a setting would be suitable for me.

I volunteer one day a week and have been involved in choosing a new database, updating the website and supporting staff with their computers. I’ve also been asked to help staff deliver social media training. Getting the chance to take on a range of responsibilities is really helpful for me to develop my CV and see which area of IT support I would like to progress into.

I’ve really enjoyed the placement and am now considering more volunteer opportunities. I would really recommend volunteering to anyone considering a career change.