Volunteer DBS Checks

Need a check for a volunteer? 

We can check your volunteers for you.  There is an administration fee of £12.00 for each volunteer, which we will invoice you for.  Although volunteer DBS checks are free, we use an online volunteer checking system which incurs an admin fee.

If you would like us to run a check for you, the process is simple.

Fill in the form below sending us your contact details, the name and contact details of your volunteer and the volunteering role title.

Your volunteer will then be sent a link where they will complete a straight-forward online form.

We will contact your volunteer using the information (email address) you have provided. We will ask them to provide evidence for their DBS check.

You will be informed by email the outcome of the check.  Your volunteer will receive the DBS certificate via post to the home address they have provided.

Remember: Just because a person has a criminal record it does not mean they cannot volunteer. In fact, about one quarter of the working-age population in the UK has some kind of criminal record, if you ruled all of them out of volunteering you would greatly reduce your pool of available volunteers.

If you have any queries about a volunteers conviction/s or any issue of concern in relation to the role that the volunteer has applied for, you can contact us and speak to a member of staff from the Membership Team 020 8317 3817.