Working With Young People

How can this project help the young people I work with?

Through weekly support from a mentor, for up to six months, and a volunteer role to build their skills and confidence.

We can support young people who are close to their next step but need experience, but we are also well placed to help young people who are lacking in confidence or need additional support. We have mentors who will take them to their volunteer role and volunteer opportunities where they will give them a good level of support and the opportunity to learn something at their own pace.

Our mentors all complete a training programme before working with young people and have a Level 2 award in mentoring.

Why volunteering?

Volunteer opportunities provide a chance to develop skills, test out a new sector and gain a reference. They can be an afternoon a week or a couple of days, depending on what suits the young person. Travel expenses are covered, so the only cost is the volunteer’s time.

Opportunities include:

  • Gardening – often a good role for young people who aren’t comfortable in groups
  • Volunteering with people – this could be with children, older people or people with disabilities and are a great way to build confidence in working with people, checking that this is the right career path for them and providing experience for an apprenticeship or job interview.
  • Retail and administration roles – these roles build customer service skills, confidence in dealing with the public and working in a team.
  • Sport – football, cycling, swimming – they can find a way to use their passions to gain more experience

Even if there isn’t a direct link to a future job, volunteering will build soft skills for employment and provide useful examples for interviews.

Making a referral

If you are working with young people who live in Greenwich, are aged 17 – 19 and have been not in employment, education or training (NEET) for over six months, please get in touch.

Call Kay on 07518 189 181 or email to find out how we can work together and support the young people you work with.